Creative thinking inspires ideas. Collective intelligence enables change.

Arestudio was born out of a dream: to enable actions, projects and processes that can concretely contribute for the enhancement of the quality and opportunities of the territories. We work with public and private subjects to support in defining and adopting new perspectives, strategies and operating methods in line with European policies. In short, we deal with innovation, i.e. changes that produce positive impacts as a result of a work path based on future needs, skills, dynamics and scenarios. A path where approaches, responsibilities and explorations are unavoidable ingredients.


For us, innovating means being aware and responsible for the potential of collective action.

Innovating generates positive impacts in the definition, implementation and deployment of individual actions, working groups, projects and policies.


Our services focus
on the different components
of innovation processes.

Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.

/ Principio n. 5 The Agile Manifesto

To us, co-creation and cooperation play a strategic role in the dynamics of innovation. We therefore define and accompany working groups in practical pathways to develop, implement and consolidate the skills, methods and tools needed to achieve it.

PCM / RACI Matrix / Agile Approach / Business Model Canvas / Co-creation / Open Data / EntreComp / DigiComp / Integration / Remote Working /

A bridge is not supported by one stone or another – it is supported by the arch line they form altogether.

/ Italo Calvino

Clear data and information are essential to make decisions and initiate projects. We carry out research and in-depth studies in order to develop comprehensive information and knowledge systems on contexts, specific issues and opportunities.

Data discovery / Data Processing / Interpreting Data / Active listening / Network Analysis / Mapping of stakeholders / SWOT Matrix / Indicators / Dashboard /

Strategy is not the consequence of planning but the opposite: its starting point.

/ Henry Mintzberg

When we talk about territorial development, we refer to contexts in constant evolution and to medium to long-term horizons. We provide support and guidance to local players in co-defining and co-creating strategies, establishing connections between the different levels of governance and the related systems of opportunities.

Logical framework / Multilevel approach / Green Deal / Next Generation / Open government / Collective intelligence / Community-led local development / Smart specialization strategy / Digital Agenda /

We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

/ Barack Obama

A project is a complex system of needs, objectives, actions, actors, time and resources. We assist public and private entities in the definition and implementation of plans, projects and services on a local and international scale.

PCM / Team / Stakeholder / Beneficiaries / Technical-administrative assistance / Financial assistance / Operating tools / Cooperation spaces / Monitoring and Assessment / Impacts /

Stories convey value systems in an exciting way.

/ Gianrico Carofiglio

A collective sharing of values and founding elements of analyses, strategies, plans and projects is necessary to collaborate, co-create and bring about change. We provide process and data visualization services, instrumental to ensure both a more effective implementation of the actions and the use and dissemination of the results.

Infographic / Cartographies / Stories in pictures / 3D models / Reporting / Simulation tools / Sketchnoting / Mind maps / Dashboard /

As partners, we express specific and complementary skills. Since 2008 the three of us have been guiding bodies, institutions, working groups and partnerships through the understanding, definition, consolidation and implementation of the structures and dynamics necessary to foster innovation in local development processes, in line with the European framework.



Passionate about local development, rural territories and new technologies, curious and committed in assisting EU public and private decision-makers with changing the enablers of people's well-being. Mental nomad, Alpine resident.



Fascinated by different points of view and the processes of co-creation and sharing. Constantly looking for strategies and skills to enhance and systemise the capacities and potential of people and territories.



An enthusiast of material culture. In constant search of a balance between experimentation and function in graphics and music. I believe that a sense of community and cooperation are the most important drivers of development.

We work in networks with professionals from different fields (mobility, social inclusion, open data, tourism, innovation, legal aspects, translators, etc.), who share our approach and vision in implementing development opportunities of territories.